Scuba diving is one of the most strenuous types of physical activity in the planet, and it is mainly due to the fact that you would be doing them underwater as well as carrying about 40 pounds of scuba diving equipment and gears. Although scuba diving may be highly strenuous to the body, it is still one of the most wonderful and exciting type of activity, since you will be venturing on the world that you basically have not seen before, which is underwater. And the fact of the matter is that there is basically a huge portion of the ocean floor that is still not discovered up to this date.


Since you will be going underwater, you will definitely not be able to breathe regular oxygen, since we humans are born without any gills. Which is why, we would need to carry a huge oxygen tank on our backs so that we will be able to properly breathe underwater. But an oxygen scuba diving tank is basically not capable on giving you oxygen without a certain type of equipment, which is basically called a scuba diving regulator.


Scuba regulators are basically a type of scuba diving equipment that is mainly used to transfer oxygen from the scuba diving tank to your system so that you will be able to breathe underwater. Not only that but a scuba diving regulator is basically the core of your diving gears and equipment, due to the fact that most of the pieces of diving gears is basically link to your regulator, such as your scuba diving tank, your buoyancy control device or BCD, submersible pressure gauge or SPG, backup air source and your own self. Without the scuba diving regulators you basically will not be capable of doing any underwater adventuring through scuba diving, since you will not be able to breathe underwater. So it is best that you take care of your scuba diving regulators, since it is not only the most essential piece of your scuba diving equipment, but is seriously the most essential in terms of your life underwater.



There is plenty of variety of types of scuba diving regulators available on the market for you to buy. They usually come with different shapes and sizes. You can either buy them in your local scuba diving specialty store or sports shops, or you can just order them online in some online stores. But it is seriously recommended that you ask a diving professional in regards to choosing the right and proper scuba diving regulator for you. To learn more about scuba regulators, you may follow the link.